Solar Power for Artists is an ongoing project encompassing educational resources and an archive of creative applications of solar power. A prototype version of the archive is currently live and a more developed version release is expected for sometime this spring.

Presently, I am conceiving of the educational resources as a book, although its final form may change.

-Alex Nathanson


00) Introduction

    What is solar power based art?
    Why is it relevant?
    What will the book cover?
01) Electrical Concepts
    Electrical Basics
    Calculating solar capabilities, capacities, and needs
02) Working with Solar Power
    What is solar power and how does it work?
    Types of photovoltaic cells and modules
    Design Considerations
    Technical Considerations
    Some common PV circuits
    Upcycling Solar Modules
03) Making Motion
    Motion Project 1: Solar Bristle Bots
    Motion Project 3: Zoetrope
    Motion Project 2: Sun Tracker
04) Making Light
    Light Project 1: Outdoor Solar Lights
    Light Project 2: Solar Powered Bike Lights
05) Making Sound
    Sound Project 1: PV piezo noise maker
    Sound Project 2: PV electromechanical drum machine
    Sound Project 3: Solar powered amplifier
    Sound Project 4: PV as control voltage
06) PV as Material
    PV As Material Project 1: Sundial
    PV As Material Project 2: Text Mosaic
07) Working with Textiles
    Textile Project 1: Light up patch
    Textile Project 2: USB charger jacket
08) Autonomy and Data Collection
    Microcontrollers and Low Voltage Computers
    Networking hardware and communication systems
09) Scaling up
    Basic off-grid solar design
10) Experimenting with Power Storage
    Alternatives to batteries
11) Future Materials


Sunday March 31 & April 7th - Solar Power(ed) Art @ Pioneer Works.

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