SPfA is developing 2 book projects based on past workshops and the contents of the archive. For updates, check back in the future or sign up for the mailing list.

A History of Solar Power Art and Design (in production)

A History of Solar Power Art and Design is the first in-depth and multidisciplenary history of solar power art and design, to be published by Routledge.

Solar Power for Artists Project Book (in production)

The SPfA project book includes projects spanning sound, light, wearables, and kinetic sculpture, among others.


Published research papers written or co-written by Alex Nathanson relating to solar power art and design.

Solar-Powered Server: Designing for a More Energy Positive Internet

Written by Benedetta Piantella, Alex Nathanson, Tega Brain, and Keita Ohshiro

Abstract: User Experience designers, software engineers and computer scientists alike are rarely tasked with thinking about the environmental impact and resource consumption of their design decisions, both when creating online platforms and experiences and when publishing multimedia content. Furthermore, free or low-cost web and hosting services encourage designers and users alike to overlook the substantial energy footprint of their online behaviors and interactions. The Solar-Powered Server is as a system designed to more deeply investigate the power consumption of our online actions and compare different design elements and choices, while experimenting with the intrinsic qualities of renewable energy sources in order to create more resource-efficient content, to make information storage more accessible under low resource conditions and foster more energy positive behaviors.

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